Have you already booked one of our Photo sessions and can't wait to join us?

So here we have placed all the IMPORTANT INFORMATION, so you can be ready and make the best use of your experience:

What to bring

  • WATER - For your hydration.
  • COMFORTABLE SHOES - We will need to walk between the different points of interest. If you want photos with high heels, bring comfortable shoes anyway, to walk between locations.
  • SMALL BAG - It's good to avoid too many bags or large purses, as you'll prefer to be free to take photos, and there is nowhere to store them.

What to wear

  • Portugal matches with fluid fabrics, vibrant colors, and pastel shades. See some samples below.
  • You can change clothes for more diversified photos. The number of changes is according to the package purchased.
  • You can bring various accessories to have different photos, such as hats, shawls, jackets, coats, scarves...
  • If you have “second skin” underwear, it will make it easier to change, so you will not need a bathroom, winning time for more photos. But if you really require a bathroom, we can always stop at a Coffee shop and buy a bottle of water, to be able to use their bathroom.

Bright colors

Pastel shades

Fluid fabrics

Vibrant colors

Meeting Time

It's good to plan to arrive 15 minutes earlier for a photoshoot, as traffic in Portugal can quickly become congested without prior notice and cause huge delays.

It's important to arrive on time so that we can make the entire itinerary planned, and you can have tons of photos.

Reaching the Meeting Point

As you know, our private session clients can choose any location for the photos, we personalize everything.

Make sure you know how to get at your starting point beforehand. To find the best public transportations and routes, you can use 3 different apps/ Platforms:

  • GOOGLE MAPS - You can plan/save routes, add stops, and compare prices between the different types of transport.
  • MOOVIT APP - available for the whole country. It's similar to Maps, but while Google Maps is more destination-based, Moovit feels more transportation-based. You can find different options and more details on it.
  • CARRIS APP - Carris is the Company responsible for public passenger transport in the city of Lisbon, and cities around. Here on their app, you will find real-time information about routes, destinations, waiting times, and the nearest stops. You can even check if the Tram will pass close to you in the next minutes, so you can get an Instagrammable picture. =)

After your session

We will create a personalized Photo Gallery inside our website just for you.

You will receive a preview with all the photos from your session, so you can select your favorites;

After selection, we will treat them and update your Gallery.

Your personal Gallery of Photos can be shared with your friends, family, and print shop as you wish.

If you have any doubts, we are here! =)

Nadia e Alisson